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Struggling with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup? Over the last 15 years, our experts have seen it all. Engage Evolution specializes in optimizing and customizing SFMC to meet your unique business needs, ensuring seamless use and maximum efficiency.

Top 4 SFMC Mistakes to Avoid

One Size Fits All

Many larger firms think that all Marketing Cloud setups are the same.  They either don’t do any configuration, or they lock you into a custom configuration that they use for everyone.

Solution: We customize your SFMC setup to align with your specific use cases and industry requirements, ensuring optimal performance and usability.


Without proper training, your team can’t fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. It’s even harder when the platform design isn’t made for you and your team.

Solution: We provide comprehensive training tailored to your team’s needs, empowering them to make the most of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Using Your Data

Creating a segment shouldn’t be hard. We make sure that your marketing team doesn’t have to learn SQL to do their jobs.

Solution: Our solutions simplify data extraction and segmentation, enabling your team to derive actionable insights without the need for complex coding.


The ultimate team multiplier: journeys and automations.  Most SFMC accounts are configured with virtually no automation.  This is the true power of the platform.

Solution: We help you harness the full potential of SFMC by implementing advanced automation features that streamline processes and boost efficiency.

Case Studies

Fidelity Bank

The team was excited to start using their new Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, and quickly learned the platform hadn’t been set up for their needs, nor did they receive any training.  We fixed all of that, and continue to support their aspirational goals today.

Doctors Without Borders

When we arrived, the team was dealing with the fallout from a confusingly complex solution installed by another partner.  Using a combination of experience and AI, the Engage Evolution team is resolving their concerns, implementing new solutions, and building scalable solutions to take the team into the future.

Happy Clients & Partners

"Second-to-none SFMC expertise and knowledge. Aaron and the Engage team have the capabilities to help clients truly see the ROI of their Marketing Cloud investment."
"Engage Evolution has quickly helped us resolve technical issues with that had previously seemed intractable, provided trustworthy guidance on a variety of marketing-related topics, and solved every problem we've put in front of them."
"Engage Evolution has helped us identify where our gaps were with our former marketing software, as well as helped us implement our current platform. They have been quick to respond, knowledgeable and personable as we've engaged them as our implementation partner. It has been a great experience and we've had full confidence in their ability to help us get set up successfully."
"Engage Evolution has been crucial in connecting the dots between our marketing team and information technology team to find and organize our data in a way that allows us to create effective marketing campaigns."

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